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Welcome to Bloody Knuckles!
Respect harvests respect




 Welcome to the official website of Bloody Knuckles! (Executus, US)

Please register with your main WoW character name. If your name is already taken, please use your main character's name with _BK behind it. Then list your character names and race/class under the Members tab.

Our guild has been around for almost 3 years. We have about 260 unique accounts with over 460 or more toons. We're a respectful, casual and down to earth social guild that doesn't deal with drama. We value loyalty, kindness, initiative, and a sense of humor. During 3 years, our members have leveled together developing friendships and loyalty to our guild. We just like playing together!

We're currently adding new members as we are working on transforming our ranks into more of a Raiding Guild, first helping to gear up our members and do 10Ms. We're going to start out slow and transition to the higher raids as we gear up and increase our skills. Our core group has not been numerous and we are still in need of gear, experience, and knowledge about raiding.

We're looking for new members so feel free to join! We're accepting members of level 60 and above.

Thanks for visiting Bloody Knuckles website and we hope to see you in our ranks!


We are a team. The idea behind our simple guild rules is to make the game experience in our guild available to all people, to encourage team work and helpfulness, and to promote being considerate and respectful to the guild and others, which will get us respect in return. We are not an elitist guild but we do want to succeed so every team member is expected to put in the work to be considered for endgame content. Be available for the guild!

1. No vulgarity: We do not tolerate any type of cursing or offensive talk (even using abbreviations). We have younger players, whole families, and many ladies in the guild and our goal is to have everyone be polite to each other. We do not tolerate degrading others based on race, age, sexual orientation, or knowledge of the game. We all started as a Level 1 and should always remember that.

2. Respect the guild & respect your guildies: Be polite while you play WoW and represent our guild whether it is in a guild group or raid or if you are in a random party in which you are the only guildie.

3. Do not abuse the Guild Bank: You may withdraw items you will need or use,  but never to sell or for other toons not in the guild. If you do not have access to the bank you can ask an officer for help. Abusing the guild bank rules will get you demoted or even removed from the guild.

4. Support guild activity: You are expected to participate in guild activities and not just be in the guild for perks. We understand that an activity may not benefit everyone but helping is what a guildie would do for fellow members. Be a friend, make a friend. Help someone with a quest, to get exalted, or with dailies to get rep, etc. Doing things only for yourself will most likely make you feel isolated.

5. Raid & event punctuality and preparedness: When you sign up for a guild event or raid, you are expected to show up on time and be prepared (which includes having your gear repaired, your flask and food ready, unless provided by the leader). Watch the videos before you decide to participate - it saves time and ensures success. Do not leave dailies or PvP activities for last minute and have the rest of the group waiting. Be respectful of everyone's participation and time just as you wouldn't like to wait for others.

5. Have fun! Having guild rules doesn't mean we are not about having fun. Enjoy the game and do fun things! But remember to be a polite team player and give back to those who have helped you.

6. 3 Strike Rule: We have a "3 strikes" rule in effect, which will be used when guild rules are not followed. Each strike will get a player demoted and eventually kicked on 3rd strike. Our goal is never to kick people but we need to protect our members and the guild's integrity and get rid of the bad apples that do not put the guild first.

7. Respect our leaders: We have a great group of responsible and mature leaders who are selected carefully and who want the best for the guild. You are expected to have respect for their authority and experience.

8. Promotions will be given at the discretion of the Leaders but it is no secret that contributing to the guild, participating in guild activities get you points with the guild.

9. Guild repairs. The Guild offers guild repairs to reward guild activity. When you are grouped with two other guildies in addition your yourself you are entitled to repair on guild funds. Just ask an officer to promote you to "raiders"

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FL Guides UP!

Xxanti, Aug 3, 11 11:00 PM.
We are starting progression on Firelands! The guides are up to review for all the players who will be in the core group. Thanks Squishe for sharing the L2R guides! They're really informative plus FUNNY! :D

Be more active on Forums!

Xxanti, Jul 26, 11 8:49 PM.
Forums is a great place to start getting to know our guild and our members! We started a few topics and keep posting helpful links and guides for all to use! Tell us more about yourself on Bloody Trade Chat under About Bloody Members! If you are interested in Raiding, reply to our application post! Share with us anything you wish! :)

Blackwing Descent on Saturday, Feb.26

Xxanti, Feb 23, 11 4:30 PM.
Kerician has decided to lead a Blackwing Descent raid this Saturday @ 8:00PM server. He posted the event on game calendar and included some info about requirements. I posted some videos and strategies to use while preparing for the BWD raid.

I postponed the Bastion of Twilight raid to Saturday, Feb. 12 @ 8:00PM server.

Preparing for Bastion of Twilight!

Xxanti, Feb 18, 11 5:20 PM.
I just posted a guide to Bastion of Twilight, 10-man Normal Mode, on Forums under Raids. I included some videos from a 25-man just to get the feel of the fights and see them from a different perspective. It is an entry-level raid in Cata and I have noticed more and more people are able to go there gear-wise. Anyone who has or will have a Wow-Heroes score of 4,000 or more on the weekend of Feb. 24-26 (most likely Saturday), is welcome to come to our first attempt. However, this score means that you can go but need to make an extra effort. For a person with a gear score above 4,400, this raid is considered effortless, given they know the fight of course! ;)

Of course, one can't just show up. Everyone, not just the raid leader, needs to do their homework. It is essential to know the fights, because some of them have different mechanics than anything you have seen before and if someone does not actually watch them, it will be hard to visualize with a mere explanation and it will most likely result in a wipe. This is really a team effort and literally everyone needs to know what they're doing. This is not LK where someone can mess up on Defile or get thrown down the cliff by the Valkyr and the rest of the groups will make up for their dps or heals.

The ideal group I'd like to see is 2 tanks, 3 healers, and 5 dps. Now, I'm sure everyone is aware we are short on geared healers (or healers overall). We seem to have lost of geared tanks (all classes possible) and quite a few dps.  I started getting healing gear yesterday and am prepared gear-wise. However, I will need to work on the actual healing and practice in some instances before I can feel confident and heal a Cata raid. I would rather dps but I do not see many healers emerging as geared and prepared for it on Wow-Heroes list. If we do not have healers in the guild, we may ask elsewhere and among friends. If we have no luck with healers, we will postpone our raid for another weekend.

I hope I don't need to say that when we schedule it, it would be great to see everyone on time and prepared, including food, reagents, and flasks. I don't think it is a good idea to save on those when going to a raid so do some extra dailies if you need to buy something or swap mats with a guildie to make what you need.

I hope to see you on Saturday, prepared and ready to start raiding! :)

Lich King defeated again!

Xxanti, Feb 7, 11 11:45 AM.
Bloody Knuckles defeated Lich King again on 2/6/2011 for the title and to practice before doing heroic mode for guild achievement. Members who attended were Myro, Mikey, Dranzil, Ashytaka, Crazey, Gorolex, Kuoro, Clodhopper, Xxanti, and Oz. Grats to those who didn't have the title and got it!

We did great although we still need to work on slowing the Valkyrs and getting them down faster. We will be ready for our The Frozen Throne - Guild Edition in no time. :)
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